Sacred Heart University

The team of nursing students from Sacred Heart University in the USA visited us again this year from January 18th-25th.  They came to provide medical clinics and were able to care for 371 patients at three different locations:  Santa Maria de Jesus, Pastores and San Antonio Aguas Calientes.

In addition to seeing patients and treating them, the team had several other service opportunities in the communities.  One of their primary objectives was to visit people in their homes and distribute water filters to families without clean drinking water; as well as checking up on water filters previously distributed in Santa Maria de Jesus. These visits were a great experience for the team and allowed them to see how people live and what are their needs.

On this particular trip, part of the team specialised in Physical Therapy.  These students were able to donate funds that provided for four wheelchair fittings through the ministry Hope Haven; as well as to help a young boy named Nehemiah who wandered into our clinic. He had broken his arm two days prior while playing.  The family had not been able to provide any treatment due to lack of resources. The students and their professors decided to help him get the care he needed.  In the end, the break was severe enough that it required surgery.  Thanks to Sacred Heart the boy had his surgery and they were able to visit him at home during recovery.  The best part of all--it was his birthday!

One of the team members later wrote us and said, "One of the best challenges of our week was meeting Nehemiah at the clinic and then being able to eat dinner with him, eat cake, and celebrate his birthday. It was hard to realise the life they have and not to feel bad for them, but it was gratifying to help them.”

It was encouraging to see the students’ generosity and eagerness to sacrifice for others.  It was a blessing to work alongside such a great team. Thank you Sacred Heart University!