Campos de Sueños Progress Report

This summer at Campos de Sueños has been very productive.  We had many teams come from the USA to share God’s love with the children and help us serve about 500 meals a week in Santa Maria de Jesus.

There were many families in need of clean drinking water that received water filters for their homes.

 Additionally, thanks to our scholarship program, 82 of our kids that could not afford to go attend school are now enrolled in one of the six schools in Santa Maria De Jesus.

We recently ran out of space in the building that we were currently using.  Now, thanks to God for placing it on the hearts of South Tulsa Baptist Church of Oklahoma, we are putting the finishing touches on our new Campos de Sueños Community Outreach Center, where we should be able to feed more than 600 children in one day.

Because of the new facility, we now have the potential for after school programs, English classes, computer labs and much more, God willing! Please continue to be in prayer for the children and all of us at Campos de Sueños.