Great Servants of God

Great servants of God
(Matthew 4:18-21 / 16:13-20)

We can all become great servants of God. Jesus called Peter, a humble fisherman, to teach and to share the good news form it as a leader.

In this passage describes Jesus' call to some of his disciples, but we focus on Peter. Peter was a very temperamental and impulsive and was a humble fisherman. The purpose of Jesus was to find followers who were closest to him, to teach and preach the good news of salvation. With this lesson Jesus teaches us that all men, women, children and adults, may be his disciples, where the Lord will learn who the form to be his followers. We need not be out of the ordinary people, Jesus accepts us as we are. Peter teaches us how important it is obedience to God that a Christian should have in order to be a true disciple or leader.

We performed an activity where each child had to perform a task (moving a table or a heavy object etc.) But he needed help. The purpose of this activity was to highlight the importance of being a leader and highlight the good qualities of the students.

We ended our activities celebrating children's birthdays in February and giving thanks to God for their lives.