Celebrate Recovery

There are churches where people go to blend in and remain unnoticed.

There are churches where people go to be with others who look like them, dress like them, believe just like them.

And then there are churches like Pathways Community Church in Largo, Florida. Pathways is the kind of place that other churches will send hurting people to, people who they aren't sure how to help. It is a church for people who need acceptance, healing, love, and help.

As a daughter church of PCC, Iglesia Del Camino has a very similar feel. People with “hurts, habits, and hang-ups” are welcome here. But we must go beyond merely welcoming these people. We must help them find a way to healing, wholeness, and recovery. One way we do this is through our Celebrate Recovery program.

This program is led by Giovanni Enriquez, a former bodybuilder (he won the title of Mr. Guatemala two times) who is familiar with a life of addictions. In his past, he struggled with addictions to drugs and alcohol, and although he would describe himself as still in recovery, he has been successful in his recovery. One of the main reasons for this is his belief in and following of the 12 steps he teaches in the weekly Celebrate Recovery meetings.

Every Thursday night, a group of 15-20 people gathers in IDC's great room to share their struggles, pray for each other and walk through the steps of the CR program. It is based on the 12 steps followed by those in AA, but with a Biblical perspective and a belief in Jesus Christ as one's Higher Power.

Leading CR is not an easy task. There are times of great sadness and discouragement when friends fall back into their old lives of addiction, but there are also times of great excitement when people connect with God and with each other and encourage each other to keep pressing on.

Everyone is welcome at Celebrate Recovery. It is a place to learn basic life principles on how to deal with difficult relationships and situations and how to live a healthier live by applying Biblical wisdom.